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    22q Families at Phoenix Zoo 2014

    Our Mission Statement

    The families in our group offer an emotional support system to one another in dealing with the daily life challenges from birth to adulthood common to 22q11.2DS.  Hundreds of families in Arizona have a child and/or family member with 22q. Our goal is to create a cohesive network of health, education and social service professionals who can effectively advise every 22q11.2 DS individual and their families. Each 22q person has different symptoms of the syndrome. Please browse our links, resources, meet us for coffee or contact our 22q Community Genetic Counselor, Dr. Theresa Grebe at Phoenix Childrens Hospital. Visit our New Facebook page for meeting times.


  • Empowerment Scholarship Account

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    Is public school working for your child?  The Empowerment Scholarship Account gives your child an opportunity for private school.

    Arizona Department of Education Empowerment Scholarship


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